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Corrective Care

Wednesday 17th, April


Corrective care will consist of periodic spinal adjustments that are less frequent than the initial stage. Generally you may need an adjustment at 2 week intervals then monthly. Everyone is unique and it is impossible to speculate how long this stage of care will last for you. Different variables include, but are not limited to: fitness level, length of time you have had a condition, severity of condition and body weight. We discuss duration of care when you reach this stage. Specific stretching techniques and strengthening exercises will be designed to stabilize the affected area.


Periodic flare ups are not uncommon. Daily activities put a lot of stress on the spine, so recovery can be trying. I’ll discuss your activities in detail and offer recommendations that will enhance your recovery time.


Pain will subside before your condition has totally improved. Pain is not a great indicator of a problem – a splinter may hurt a lot but generally it isn’t big a problem for your body. Heart disease can be silent, but it obviously is a serious matter. The severity of spinal conditions can be difficult to differentiate – what is minor and what is serious.
Pain is usually due to inflammation. Inflammation occurs as a mechanism of the body to flush out an acutely injured tissue. Inflammation can subside relatively quickly so the pain stops. Then another injury occurs in the same region and the pain returns. This may happen several times, this is how a condition becomes chronic. When a condition becomes chronic (long standing) the body loses its ability to recover by flushing out the tissue. Following through with corrective care helps to restore the body to it's maximum health potential. This limits the chances of a return of symptoms as the chronic aspect has been dealt with to the maximum.




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