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Wednesday 24th, July


We tend to develop problems as a result of poor posture, wear and tear, improper lifting, whiplash, stress, old injuries, desk/computer work and long hours of driving. All of these activities can put stress on your spine – causing nerve interference or imbalance. This is known as a subluxation.  A full examination of your spine will reveal the cause of your symptoms.  Spinal adjustment is the main form of treatment, this is explained more so in the “Your 1st visit” section.
So when the nerves are stressed, symptoms show up, eventually. Pain is an indication of a subluxation; back pain, neck pain, however; chronic colds, asthma or dizziness are just a few symptoms that may also be due to a subluxation. Proper immune function depends on a healthy nervous system. To help your body achieve maximum health, Chiropractic care aims to remove the Subluxations that cause nerve interference. This allows your body to heal.


Each patient is different and healing/recovery depends also on your body’s ability to heal. Many people note some relief immediately after the 1st treatment. The correction of a vertebra that is causing nerve interference is going to release nerve energy and trigger the healing process.
This may alter your symptoms. You may feel different pains or twinges later that day or the next day. This is a very temporary step, necessary for healing. If you ever have any pressing questions or concerns, feel free to ring me. The landline will be diverted to my mobile or a message will give the mobile number when out of the office.
I welcome your questions and I firmly believe in a positive dialogue.


“Each person carries his own doctor inside him…We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work”
Dr. Albert Schweitzer



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