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Customized Exercise:    

I will recommend specific exercises to speed the healing process and your recuperation. I am mindful that you may not be able to spend an hour doing exercises, so don’t worry, they will be brief and to the point. Usually taking only 5-8 minutes. Most of the time the exercises need to be performed frequently (twice daily) during the acute stages of your care. Please note exercises will greatly enhance your spinal correction and treatments. When your spine is stable I will recommend you get involved with some form of physical activity e.g. walking, weight training, dancing. We should engage in some form of physical exertion at least three times per week.     


Lifestyle – Daily Activities Advice:     

We all know it’s important to lift properly. I will explain why; as well as why it’s just as important to perform everyday activities safely. Activities such as; digging in the garden, hoovering or simple things like reaching for objects. It is vital to always be mindful of your spine.      


Posture Analysis and Support:     

Sit up straight! We have all heard it before. Advice is offered for all postures including; standing, lying and lifting. Good posture helps your spine, but did you know it also helps your internal organs function to their peak performance for years to come     


X-Ray/MRI(report) Interpretation:     

X-rays and other Diagnostic Images such as MRI scans can be arranged when necessary. I will review the actual x-ray/scan and give a report to you of my findings. I will demonstrate with a model of the spine and charts these findings. I welcome any question you may have in order for you to fully understand your condition. I completely understand patient’s frustration hearing:      
1). It’s wear and tear.
2). It’s arthritis.
3). Strain / muscle tear.


I will give you my professional opinion based on my years of experience evaluating Diagnostic Imaging such as X-rays and MRI scans as well as treating neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. I value your input and I strive to understand all aspects of your daily experiences, which in turn will help me to focus on your condition and recommend appropriate treatment.     



Imbalances in our feet, flat feet or pronation, may cause compensation at our knees, then hips and eventually in the spine. This can cause pain anywhere from the feet all the way up to the neck. Orthotics (arch supports): stabilise and support the foot, thereby eliminating the stress caused to knees, hips and the spine. This stops the compensation snowball.


Orthotics may be necessary for young children as well as adults. Children falling or walking awkwardly may have feet that are pronated, special orthotics are indicated for them.
I prescribe professionally made, affordable orthotics.     


Extremity Care:     

Trauma to a joint may cause swelling which will form adhesions. These adhesions restrict motion of the joint. Mobilisation of the joint can break down the adhesions and restore normal biomechanics to the joint. Every joint can be mobilised. Toes, knees, elbows, shoulders, etc.     


Common Extremity Conditions:     

Toes – Morton Neuroma, misaligned toe.

Foot - Plantar Fascitis

Wrist – Ganglion, Carpal Tunnel, strain

Elbow – Tennis elbow.

Knee – From general Sprains to Osgood Schlatter.

Hip – Clicking hip syndrome, locking.

Shoulder – Rotator Cuff Tear. Frozen shoulder

Ankle – Inversion / Eversion Sprain.



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