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Wednesday 24th, July


Symptoms develop after damage occurs.


Months or years of poor posture, improper lifting, falls, accidents, etc. all take their toll on our spines at a slow cumulative rate. The damage will, many times, develop over years without pain. Then we develop pain from doing next to nothing, because the tissues around the spine are not at all healthy.


Pain is the main reason people come to a Chiropractor. The 1st phase of care is to help reduce the pain with natural (no drugs) methods. It may only take 1 visit; however it isn’t uncommon to require 4 – 6 visits to realize significant reduction of pain. Ice or heat may or may not be indicated at this time. Following my recommendations, will help speed your recovery through this stage of care.


The body takes time to heal. A broken bone takes 6 + weeks to heal, when completely immobilised. We use our spine all the time, so it may not heal as quickly as we would like. So we need to be patient and give it a chance. Generally the longer you have a problem – the longer it takes for pain relief.


Reducing pain is the initial goal, but the spine must be stabilised to improve the underlying months, or years of previous damage, to minimise the chance of symptoms returning.



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