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Sports Injuries

Wednesday 21st, February



Involvement with sports is great for the body and mind; however all sports have the potential to produce injuries. I see people with injuries from all sports from GAA to cricket to darts.  If these injuries are addressed promptly you have a better chance at full recovery. 

I offer treatments for a range of sports related injuries for youngsters, young at heart and advanced athletes. I strive to keep people active with their training or a modified form of it. I will, however tell you if I think you need to cease activity because you may further aggravate your injury by training. I have seen people barely able to walk and one month later able to run 7 marathons in 7 days. Another couldn't run 2miles then able to return to training for a triathlon in 2 weeks. 


Some of the common conditions I treat include:

•    Back pain-sprain/strains, disc or facet injuries
•    Neck pain- burners/stingers, thoracic outlet syndrome
•    Shoulder: rotator cuff tear, swimmer’s shoulder, impingement syndrome, etc
•    Tennis and Golf elbow
•    Knee and hip pain- tendonitis, patella tracking, Iliotibial band, bursitis, cartilage, etc
•    Ankle, foot, and shin injuries- plantar fascitis, jammed toes, general misalignments, sprains, etc


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you don't see your condition above. Dr. Accardi



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