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Wednesday 24th, July


What some of our patients say about us:

I Contacted Dr. Accardi to see if he could treat my vertigo and Meniere's disease. On my initial consultation, Dr. Accardi was able to see where my problem lied and how to fix it. Usually, an attaack of vertigo would leave me floored for hours but after my first visit my symptoms decreased to 30-45 minutes. After my third visit to Dr. Accardi I was back to my old self, vertigo free! I couldnt believe it. I highly recommend him and will keep up a yearly visit with him. His office was very clean and adhered to all COVID protocols.

Danielle; Belmayne age 38

I have suffered with a heaviness in my head for 8-9 months, I couldn't work for 7 months. I have been to the A&E 2 times and had 2 MRI scans and been told I have a concussion and that it would take time to recover. On the 2nd trip to A&E I was told it was a vertebra break. Which turned out to be false. After a private MRI scan 2 discs were noticely out. So after a friend told me about Dr. Tony I was willing to give anything a try. After the first session the heaviness reduced and on the 2nd session the heaviness went altogether. Also the feeling in my little finger had returned a year and a half after it went numb, I was told it would not return to normal.

I would highly recommend Dr. Tony Accardi; I feel he has hands of a genius.

D. Costello; Naul age 44 


Dr Accardi is an absolute gentleman. He is highly skilful and empathetic. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. I have been fortunate enough to be his patient for over 10 years and would trust his opinion over anybody elses

Jim Dillon 


After years of suffering from severe neck and back pain due to an old neck injury and heavy lifting in my current job – this was a last resort. I didn’t expect much as every other doctor told me the damage was irreversible. So to my surprise after only 3 visits I am completely off the painkillers and haven’t had an attack of Trigeminal Neuralgia (pain in the face) in 2months. My neck is able to move fully right and left now – where I had reduced movement for 8 years. I now attend Dr. Accardi once every 3 weeks to keep everything working correctly. My back pain is almost a thing of the past.

Amanda Walsh

Balbriggan, Age 43



"I've had neck pain for the last 3 years. Since going to Dr. Accardi I have my life back again. I'm now pain-free and I understand more now about my ailments from Dr. Accardi's knowledge. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Accardi

Extremely professional clinic. with a huge level of experience and knowledge"

Davina O'Gorman


"Dr Accardi has been helping me with back and neck pain after an injury at work. I would highly recommend visiting a chiropractor, as it has changed my life a great deal. Also it is great for asthma and migraines, I get great relief from an adjustment if my asthma is giving me trouble.

I attend the Balbriggan clinic and always feel at ease, and that you can always ask Dr Accardi for advice."


I have been a patient of Tony’s for around 10 years now & cannot recommend him highly enough. In that time he has relieved many painful situations for me, often with just a single visit. Where others often put profit first, his professionalism & honesty have always impressed me – On a few occasions when I thought I might need further appointments he has advised me to wait & see how I was in a few days.  He is also an absolute gentleman and it’s always a pleasure to visit him.

 Damian, Balbriggan.

Attending a Chiropractor has "kept me going" for a number of years now. My back, while not exhibiting serious problems, can be very uncomfortable. My monthly visit to Dr. Accardi makes it right again. It is always a pleasure to visit the surgery.

D. Campbell,

Raheny, Age 70+ 


Ten years ago I hurt my back as a result of a fall after my husband died. My back was very bad and the pain went down my right leg very bad. I went to Lourdes in a wheelchair. I went to see Dr. Tony Accardi, Chiropractor, it took a few weeks to get relief. Thanks to Dr. Tony "I can walk".

Mary Wherity,

Balbriggan, Age 85

I have suffered with my back for nearly 20 years. On occasion being so bad that I could barely move. Dr. Accardi and the Chiropractic treatment has helped me immeasurably over the years. One time I entered the office completely bent over and left being able to stand upright. After the next visit I could actually walk without pain. It's always worth trying Chiropractic, especially if there has been talk of surgery - best to avoid it in my opinion. I recommend Dr. Accardi and Chiropractic treatment to anyone with back pain or trouble.

C. Murphy

Balbriggan, Age 40

"I always come in struggling & in pain. Sometimes bad, sometimes not so bad, but I always come out feeling like I can once again have the full use of my body and everything is working properly again…in other words… I feel great."

Linda Taylor age 50,



I call Dr. Accardi a “miracle worker”. I was carried in & walked out. I have treatments once a month and I have never looked back.



"I attended Dr Tony Accardi's clinic after I was refrerred by a friend. I am a avid runner and I was diagnosed with a trapped tendon in my back. Within a week I was back running and feeling great again. I can't recommend Dr Tony's services high enough"

Eric Hewston


I had suffered with severepain around my neck & shoulder for several years. I could only reverse my car using the mirrors as I was unable to look over my shoulder, I had visited an orthapedic surgeon who sent me to have an MRI scan done. The surgeon then informed me that I had a damaged disc at the lower end of my neck and that he could not to anything for me but he could refer me to someone who could help me to deal with pain. More years passed and one day I noticed that Dr. Tony Accardi had opened a practice in Balbriggan. As I was leaving Dr. Accardi after my first visit, I could look over both my shoulders, not 100%. But after several more visits the movement in my neck was great and I did not have any more pain.

Pat Devine

Balbriggan, Age 66


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