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Wednesday 24th, July


Periodic spinal check ups will help to improve your spinal, and subsequently your overall health. Daily activities and mishaps like falls, can cause damage to tissue, this damage may be minimized if checked promptly.


Keeping all the vertebra and bones of the pelvis moving properly enhance spinal nerve health. Nerves control every aspect of our bodies and the network of nerves is all intertwined.


Patients that come in for a check up periodically, generally enjoy better overall health. They can perform more physical work, get over colds quicker (by improving your immune system), sleep better and just enjoy life a little more.


Wellness care can mean getting checked anywhere from every 3 weeks to once every 3 months. This will depend on: your body’s ability to hold an adjustment given your lifestyle, my recommendation and your eventual choice.


Intervertebral discs rely on proper vertebra motion to stay healthy. They act like a sponge, fluid is forced out or drawn in depending on your movements. This is the only source of nourishment for a disc as there is no blood supply to the disc after the age of 2. If the vertebra does not move – the disc fails to absorb water, which dries it out. A disc that’s dried out is torn much easier than a healthy one. Torn or prolapsed discs can be a irreversible condition requiring surgery. So keeping the vertebra moving keeps the discs as healthy as possible.




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